Thank you for coming! I am changing things again. I know I know, but I am hoping that third times a charm is true.


Thank you Karen Hollins for the beautiful picture!


I can finally return to doing free book reviews! I read anything but Christian and Horror. I will be making a review policy page for you, please check it out if interested. If you would like me to do a book review please send me a message using my contact form. Thanks! Or in this case, the comments. Not sure what happened what happened to the contact form?



person holding white ceramic mug
Photo by Adrienne Andersen on Pexels.com

For a limited time I can promote your book on my social media accounts. I have Facebook groups, twitter(following a lot of twitter accounts that have a share your blog post), pinterest, instagram and tumblr. I don’t know how long I’ll do it for free, please post in comments if interested.

Thanks again for coming, and happy reading and writing!



8 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thanks for your interest. I guess I assumed that since I didn’t mention I review books for authors that people would know that. Silly me, I forgot that assumptions are wrong. So, I’ll change that. Thanks for letting me know I need to do that. I apologize, but I have health issues so I don’t review books for authors, I just read books for fun and review them. Good luck to you!

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